Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 147 - 100 Visitors and Counting!!!

#80 - Get 100 people to View This Blog - I installed a counter on my blog about 30 days after I started the blog and thought that it would keep track of visitors. As of the time I am writing this I have had 654 "Visitors" to this page, but after talking to my buddy Bea and some research later I have found that a counter like this only keeps track of page views. So I needed something more accurate... Enter Google Analytics. On March 22nd I installed the Analytics tracking on my site and it as been recording data ever since. This program is amazing and keeps track of "Absolute Unique Visitors" through the use of cookies.
Over the past 18 days I have driven 128 Absolute Unique Visitors which satisfies #80 by far. It also tracks the number of Page Views, Bounce Rate, Average Page Views per Visit and Percentages to go with all of those calculations. I will post updates to #80 because I think its fascinating and its my blog!! I have also used Google WebMaster Tools, SiteMaps and Meta Tags to try to increase my google page ranking. These things should also help when I do #56, #57, and #58. Here are some screenshots from the Google Analytics Site.

Visitor Overview

Page Views of Visitors

Absolute Unique Visitors

#72 - Read 50 Books: (10/50) now (11/50)
John Grishams` - The Broker
Doyle Brunsons` - Super System
Tom Clancys` - Patriot Games
Michael L. Kurtz` - The JFK Assassination Debates: Lone Gunman Versus Conspiracy
David Dunbars` - Debunking 9/11 Myths
David Griffens` - Debunking 9/11 Debunking
Randy Pauschs` - The Last Lecture
Bonnie Szumskis` - Are Conspiracy Theories Valid?
Lifes` - The American Journey of Barack Obama
Harvey Frommers` - Remembering Yankee Stadium
... Timothy Ferris` - The Four Hour Work Week

#24 - Learn 50 New Recipes: (7/50) now (8/50)
Oreo Truffles
Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Dip
Cheesy Potato Casserole
Grilled Vegetables in Caramelized Italian Dressing
Cheeseburger Chowder
Eclair Cake
Minestrone Soup
... New and Improved - Turbo Inside Out Burgers

#77 - Do 250 Geocaches (19/250) now (31/250) Motts and I went caching in and around Westbrook today and did about a 2.5mile hike. I think we might go again tomorrow too. Exchanged the travel bug I got in Ohio with the NY Bravest travel bug, I plan on bringing all travel bugs and geocoins to the Florida Keys for placement down there.

Coming Soon - Motts is back from his world tour and wants to brew his own beers to so I think next week when I get back from The Florida Keys we will start the brewing process. I will be doing some caches in Florida. Also, it is starting to warm up so throwdowns will be coming into full swing. I will write down some rules and guidelines so if you want to challenge someone you can! That's all for now!


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