Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 242 - 101 in 1001 Progress Report


My buddy Brian did one of these posts and I liked it so I thought I would do my own, mostly for me but I think someone somewhere might like to see this too...

I am actually, for the first time, getting a little worried about the ambitiousness of my list, and yes that is a word. No seriously its actually in the dictionary.

Main Entry:am·bi·tious
Date:14th century
1 a: having or controlled by ambition b: having a desire to achieve a particular goal : aspiring
2: resulting from, characterized by, or showing ambition
— am·bi·tious·ly adverb
— am·bi·tious·ness noun

Legal: ambitious. (2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.
Retrieved June 10, 2009, from

OK, OK, Sorry!!!

By the Numbers:

% Complete of 1001 Days - 23.76% (242 days)
% Days Remaining - 76.24% (759 days)

% of Goals Completed - 17.82% (18 Goals)
% of Goals and Goals that are OnTime - 24.75% (25 Goals)

WOW... That is crazy!!! At least to me it is... 26.76% of the Days Complete and I am actually more than 1% ahead of the game... To get to 25 I, obviously, added 7 goals that I mathmatically was OnTime for ...

These include:
72.) Read 50 Books (10/50)... Im almost done with 2 more!
71.) Vote in Every Election (1/1)
77.) Do 250 Geocaches (59/250)... I have to update on 4 more.
90.) Send 35 Letters to Friends (14/35)
100.) Make at least 5 Trips a Year to Visit Friends (4/5 Year 1)
24.) Learn 50 New Recipes (13/50)
36.) Go to 2 of 5 Best Parties in the World (1/2)

The problem with these numbers is that I picked off some of the easier ones in the beginning. I still need to Visit 6 Different Countries, Fend off Malaria, Increase the Oxygen Level for All of Mankind, Save Way To Much Money, Become The Hulk and Learn Mandarin Chinese... Should be a cake walk!!!!



Jeanne said...

If you even come close, dang, you are accomplishing a lot!

Alex said...

You're a crazy man. I told you some of those were mad ambitious, but you still have time. If anyone can finish this deal it's you. You want to tell me what book to read so we can do two of mine in one shot and make progress on your #72?

I'll see you in a few weeks bud.