Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mardi Gras Update - Day 126

#36 - So It was Monday Night, February 23rd... Caturano asked me if I wanted to meet him and Amy down at Chips for a drink, so I did. When I get there I get a drink and I asked him why he didnt respond to my text. (I had texted him Sunday asking him if he wanted to drive down to New Orleans) He said he thought I was kidding, and then said Lets Go Right Now! So we did... We left Clinton around 11:00pm and got down to New Orleans about 22hrs later... Got there at 9pm or so and took down a couple beers in the shower and then hit bourbon street. Its basically exaclty the way you would imagine it. I convinced this girl to fill up 50oz. Miller Lite Bottles with hurricanes for Amy and I and Mike had one with Miller Lite. GOOD TIME HAD BY ALL!!!
So that takes care of half of #36! I`m pumped about that. Maybe Carnival next year!

#1 - Lose 40lbs by Day 180 - The Problem with all this partying is that #1 has become a problem... It is going to be very close. I have 54 days to lose the remander of the 40lbs, which is just about 40lbs. LOL. But anyway, I will be hitting the pavement and getting it done!

#30 - Hit a 90 In Golf - Made my first golf apperance of the year yesterday and played 9 holes at Traditions in Wallingford. I hit a honest 53, so I was excited about that. That was 17 over of the par of 36 which sounds ugly, but it was the first time out and my driver was going straight... If I can get the two 10s off the scorecard my chances of hitting a 90 are not that bad... We will see. I think this is one of the hardest ones on my list as I dont really see myself as a good golfer. But I will keep working on it.

#74 - Don`t drink for a month - Wouldnt you know that my one month of not drinking came to an end at Mardi Gras, the 24th to the 24th. That is probably why I ended up so trashed and playing poker at Harrahs in New Orleans (which I walked to) at 2am in the morning. At least playing poker then helps me get to #98 as well... Anyway, Ill cross #74 off the list.

#77 - Do 250 Geocaches - Now 19/250. I did 2 in Boston with Collins when we went there to go to Brooke`s christening, and I did 3 along Bourbon Street in Lousiana. I logged them and will change the list!

#96 - Get a Cactus and Keep it Alive - Christmas cactus is still kicking, I am excited about this eventhough you are probably making fun of me for not being able to keep a cactus alive. Its my goal! So get off my back!

Sorry for the delays between blogs, Im sure no one died holding their breath!!!


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