Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 646 - I Suck

So it has been 176 days since my last point. That is just awful. Time is really creeping up on me. I have accomplished a couple of things in that time period, however, and even though money and time are going to hinder my total completion of the list (at least within the given parameters of 1001 days) I would like to finish all that I can and work on the rest at a later date.

#27 - Take a Vodka Taste Test
Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal about the restaurant business that I so dearly wanted to be involved in for as long as I can remember. And while I do not have the time or the knowledge yet to open and serve the fabled Turbo Burgers that I have so meticulously "perfected" I am working on it....

Anyway, I digress... One of the bartenders at Chips, Phyllis (sorry about spelling) agreed to test my knowledge about Vodkas and give me a "Taste Test" of several different varieties of vodka over a month or so period. After work I would get a drink and she would randomly use a vodka and then she would ask my opinion about it and I would try to differentiate and answer these three questions : 1.) Where is was made? 2. What is it distilled from? (#1 and #2 are almost always the same pairing) and 3.) Did I like it....

I was very happy that I knew a good deal about what I was consuming and for the most part my taste buds agreed with what I thought that I might prefer. I tend to like vodkas from Poland and Sweden over Russian and European varieties. I also like potato distilled vodkas over the wheat ones.

Exceptions and findings:

Ketel One I thought that was both the best tasting of all of them and a very low hangover.
Grey Goose when taken as a shot was impure, and the most rubbing-alcohol like of the bunch.
Sky Vodka, which I didn't think I would care for, placed high.
I did not like Belvedere, Zyr, Trump, Kroc and other "Premium" vodkas as much as I thought that I would. As I always favored a "thicker" or potato distilled vodka.

If anyone would like to try this again with me I would love to give it another shot but it will have to be in at least a month as I am starting P90x on Monday and pairing it with a 30 day Alcohol-Free purge..

More updates to follow... I will probably do a post for the next couple of days as I have more updates to share... Thanks for looking and I hope to get in a good rhythm here and start crossing off some items...

As Always....


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Frank said...

Good stuff Dude. Be careful doing the P 90 X. I got though 70 days and then hurt my left leg pretty bad with a groin pull. Pace yourself!!