Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 10 - Blog is Up / Progress to Be Made

So as many of you said... My first 101 in 1001 List was a little (read: alot) to Ambitious. (Thank You Bea) So I am doing it again! I am adding some more achievable goals, but also goals that will better my life, my mental, financial and physical health, as well as, Jens life and our new lives as a married couple.

My last time around I only accomplished 32 goals. This time I have every intention of finishing the list and really getting myself to a better place in life and hopefully towards a more happy and complete person.

A friend on mine recently told me of a research study in which the participants of a list such as this, or anyone setting goals can become complacent in accomplishing tasks when they are vocalized. The vocalization or sharing of the task eases your mind into thinking that you are already there or on your way to the task when you really have not setup the steps to achieve the goal...

My plea to you is to make sure that you nudge me, encourage me, and even coerce me into completing tasks if you can. If you would like to do any of them with me you are more than welcome and if you have something to share you can post a message on the blog...
I will be updating it regularly and sharing updates on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that they will not be a nuance.

Thank you for taking a look!!!


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