Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 171 - Yankees Stadium

#73 - See 25 Yankees Games. I went out to the new stadium for the first time and let me tell you.... it`s HUGE. I was at Jens after we got back from Key West and Collins called me up to see if I wanted to go. Of Course I want to go!! We got $150.00tickets from StubHub for $23.00 each. Good Stuff.

We took the train into Penn and then the subway out to 161st and River, got off the train and went to Billy`s for a drink. Obviously. Went over to the stadium and walked in the main gate and there is was in all its glory, the huge concourse. Walked in a little further and went out to the field and then to Left Field to our seats. The seats were sick, 5 rows from the field!!! The scoreboard is gigantic and and the field is in amazing condition.

I think that stadium has very much the same feeling. It felt awesome to be there in the opening week and everyone was pumped up and friendly. I cant wait to go again, in fact Johnny got me tickets for my birthday. Thanks John! I`ll leave you with some pictures to take a look at!

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