Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 196 - 101 in 1001 Update

#77 - Do 250 Geocaches (40/250) now (43/250) - 17.2% Complete
Motts, Jen and I did three Geocaches in and around Madison last Friday to pass some time and hang out. We were down by the water for a little while and it is gorgeous down there.

#1 1/2 - Lose 40lbs - I downloaded the Lose It Application on my iPhone and am currently tracking what I eat in a day. I am also using it for motivation as I can see exactly what I eat and it helps to not eat those things. I would like to use the application to track everything I eat like a personal daily food journal (sound familiar?) and then cross off #9 one-year from yesterday. Also, Motts, Ross and I are talking about getting P90X going again really soon! I really want to get that done!

In Other News - I added a BlogRoll to the side of mine and called it Blog Roll Call, I`m not really sure why I just kinda liked it. It has all the blogs that I am following.

Jen and I are currently planning a trip to California, we are thinking that we are going to go for about 10 days. We want to start in San Francisco (#48), scoot up to Napa Valley (#49) and then down through LA on our way to San Diego. Those are the tentative plans. We love to travel and while we don't have the money to do all this traveling we certainly have enough spontaneity and stupidity so we are going to roll with it...

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