Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 206 - 8 weeks to a 5K

So I have been reading some more blogs lately and I came across one that my good friend Alex follows and its really good. It has been, in the recent future, mostly about an 8-week running program that works you up to 30 mins of running. Here name is Lis and you can read here blog here: Inchoate Debate. Reading her blog coupled with the fact that my buddy J just ran a 5k today I got inspired to do some damage!

The original version of my 101 list was actaully a 138 in 1001 list and I had to make some cuts, and the 5k got the cut along with some other things. Well I am not doing this list to be a corner-cutter so I have decided to add it, along with this obviously helping in the quest to lose 40lbs. Im sure this will help to get me into shape along with P90X which I have to fit in as well.

Anyway, Lis' blog is really entertaining! Check it out! Also, if you wish, the article can be viewed here: 8-Week Running Program

In Other News:

#77 - Do 250 Geocaches: (43/250) now (47/250) - 18.8% Complete
Jen and I did 4 caches before the Yankee Game started including crossing off one that has deceived us two times before, so that was rewarding. I am looking for the perfect location to put a cache and get the hiding going!

#24 - Learn 50 New Recipes: (12/50) now (13/50) - 26% Complete
Oreo Truffles
Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Dip
Cheesy Potato Casserole
Grilled Vegetables in Caramelized Italian Dressing
Cheeseburger Chowder
Eclair Cake
Minestrone Soup
New and Improved - Turbo Inside Out Burgers
Italian Marinated Pork Chops with Perogies and Onions
IceBox Cake
Teriyaki Steak and Potato Croquettes
Mango Peach Salsa
... Golden Grahams S'mores Treats

#90 - Send 35 Letters to Friends: (10/35) now (14/35) - 26% Complete

Sent out a couple more letters this week. And so far one has arrived, which is good, but an awful percentage. I hope to send out some more this week or next! So keep your eyes open and if you want one and you think you are on the fence, maybe you should say hi more ofter. Everyone loves getting mail!!!

And as always...



James said...

Nice. Let me know what 5k you are gonna do, I'm doing one in July but should be ready for another about 8 weeks out. Also, we've got a house on the Vineyard 4th of July Weekend, shane and kim are coming, you're welcome to come up too if you wanna knock that off your list. Heck if you take the Ferry out of Hyannis you can technically knock off the Cape and I am planning on taking the day ferry over to Nantucket too....

Btw, I've updated my blog. So get off my back!!

Lis said...

I'm so excited that the 8 week running plan inspired you (and that you read my blog :) )! Good luck! I think you'll be pretty happy with how quickly you start getting in shape with running. I look forward to reading about your progress!

Anonymous said...

Definitely go for the 8 week deal. It seemed to work well for Lis. She's a good friend of mine from high school days btw. Good luck buddy. Let me know when you're on the P90X deal so I can come spear your ass.