Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 219 - Brew My Own Beer

#81 - Brew My Own Beer - Im not sure exactly why this was on here, to be honest with you, as I dont even like beer. I am a Vodka Guy. I should have put Distill My Own Vodka on the list. Thats why it ends in 1001 days, I can do it all over again...
To the point... Thanks to Jen, (who got me the kit after reading my list back in November or December for Christmas) Motts and I dove in on making this beer alittle after he got back from his travels. Look at everyone chipping in to make this list happen!!

The first thing you do is sterilize everything, anything the beer is going to be touched has to be coated in this special syrum.

Then you have to create the Wort. Which is basically the Malt and Hops. I think. It needs to be brought to boil and then added to the water that is in the keg.

Then it need to be fermented for 2 weeks minimum. We did ours for 3 weeks and it spent that time in my closet to keep it around 76 degrees Farenheit.

So it comes out of Fermentation and needs to be bottled (of course in newely sterilized bottles) and the sugar needs to be added so it carbonizes. This takes another two weeks.

So after the 2 weeks is up the bottles are rock solid and then its off to the refrigerator for a week to Condition and then you are done! Dig In!!!

So last Saturday we drank the beer at Jordans and we need to do some tweaking. I thought it was overall really refreshing and good, but then again if it tasted like 6week old Milk I would have said the same thing due to the pride factor. To be honest and critical, it was a little cidery and it had too much carbination. The carbination part is an easy fix, jsut cut back on the sugar. The cidery part I will have to look into. I remebering reading about it in the brewers guide. We plan on doing it again soon, so I`ll let you know how the second batch works out. Or better yet, drop me a line and you can help drink it!!

So thats 17 down and 84 left! Yeah, I think that math is right! I plan on widdling a hole in a piece of wood to get the Start a Fire done with. If that doesn`t work it was suggested I use a flint, but that is only a last means!

Drive Slow, Drink Milk:



Karen said...

I can't believe you don't like beer. I finally started really appreciating good beer when I went abroad. That hurts my heart...especially since I can't really drink beer anymore...sadness. I think your next batch of beer should be gluten-free! Way to go on getting things crossed off though! You're such a good role model fwend!

Lis said...

This is so neat! I'm glad it didn't explode on you (I hear that can be an issue).