Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 224 - Night Caching / Ramen Noodles

#77 - Do 250 Geocaches: (59/250) now (61/250) - 24.4% Complete
Jordan, Teagan and I decided to do some night caching on Monday night. We left around 8:30 and after some research in the car for the right coordinates we made our way down the trail. Now I know what you are thinking... Not too smart! It actually wasn't that bad at this time and we found it after some searching. The not smart part came when we got greedy and went for another one that was further down the trail. Well it all worked out in the end. With the use of the flashlights on the iPhone and retracing our steps we found two caches in about 45 mins and we left the trail and got in the car a little after 9:15. It was pretty dark then, dark enough to use my high beams driving back... 2 caches closer!

So random thoughts:
Living on my own has really opened my eyes to how much things cost. I have also learned some things you might not think about regularly, or even at all. For instance...

#1 - In general, the more salt the product has in it, the cheaper it is... Example: Deli Cheese: $5.99/lb. Each-Slice-Individually-Wrapped-Cheese (yes that is the official name): 50% Higher Sodium 1.69/lb... same goes for cold cuts, chicken, and microwavable-meals.

#2 - I have also learned that the reason the cabinets and refrigerator are always stocked is because my mother went to the store often. Hint: Looking inside the refrigerator numerous times isn't going to make food appear.

#3 - How the hell is Ramen so cheap? I went to the A&P that's near me and I got a 6pack of Ramen for $1.69. That is 28cents a meal! Ill repeat that because it bears repeating... two dimes, a nickel and three pennies... 28cents a meal. This is crazy right? Well I got ripped off. You can get a 12pack of Ramen for $1.89 at Walmart. $1.89 or 15.7cents a meal. The packaging must cost more than that. The ink to write "Ramen" on the package must cost more than that! Its insane!

#4 - They don't make Value Brand Deodorant. Does not exist. I don't know why, seems to me with all this technology we could reverse engineer some of it and get it on the shelves. Shampoo, yep. Mouthwash, sure. They even make Value Brand Viagra, I have seen the commercials! Deodorant, no way!

#5 - With alot more extra time on my hands I have come to realize a couple of things. TV took up a large part of my life and I didn't even watch alot of TV(or so I thought). I can only read so much in a day. I only go to 5 websites. Well maybe its 10, but there is no reason to check my bank account daily. Why am I checking to make sure they took out the debit for the gas I bought? And finally, it has rained ALOT lately. Being outside has just not been an option!

Well that's it for now. Randomness has come to a conclusion...


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Coxnmike said...

Start clipping coupons!! and yes living solo is pricey. At least you have a Wal-Mart...i got Whole foods that charges me money to walk in the store :)