Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 208 - Yankees Stadium + Museum

Well I have gone to 3 Yankees Games this year and in each one of them I have seen something new and exciting. This time I went with Jen, Collins, Ann, and our Australian friends, Ryan and Fiona. GTHBA - Good Times Had By All!

I have now sit 5 rows from the field (in the comfy seats), about half way up, and about 5 rows from the top. Let me tell you something! Its more fun way up top. THAT is where ALL the cheers start, no one feels entitled up there, just a bunch of diehard fans and hard working dads with their kids. I liked it up in 431a and on the way up there Jen and I got to stop at the Yankees Museum.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR... Get a Ticket and travel up to The Yankees Museum!

#73 - See 25 Yankees Games: (2/25) now (3/25) - 12% Complete - Yankees Record: 3-0

Game 1 - 04/21/2009 07:05 PM - Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees
Section 130, Row 9 - Seat 7 or 8 - WIN (5-3),
Collins and I got a ball!

Game 2 - 05/15/2009 07:05 PM - Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Section 212, Row 13 - Seat 23 - WIN (5-4),
Gardner - In-The-Park HomeRun
Melky - Walk-Off Double

Game 3 - 06/07/2009 01:30 PM - Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
Section 431a, Row 3 - Seat 8 - WIN (4-3),
Nick Swishers` 100th Home Run - Joe Gerardis` 200th Win
New York's Major League-Leading 20th Comeback Victory This Season.

#77 - Do 250 Geocaches: (47/250) now (48/250) - 18.8% Complete
Jen and I did another cache yesterday that had been evading us. We don`t like using the hint unless we absolutely have to. We finally did after three trips there and it was a real easy find!

Think about it..



James said...

Re: Yankees Museum

I'd rather shave my balls with a razor dipped in lemon juice....but seriously...thanks for the suggestion.

plus I already have autographed baseballs....

Anonymous said...

Random but Do you need a separate ticket to enter the museum?