Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 214 - Yankees Winning Streak Intact

So its Friday afternoon and I`m making runs back and forth from my house to my new place in Old Lyme and I get a call from my buddy Brian from Marist. We are pretty much the same person and so when my phone rang I naturally picked up right away. We then had the following conversation:

Brian: Whats up buddy? What are you doing?
Me: I'm moving today and just running back and forth
Brian: Oh yeah? How long you doing that for?
Me: Well probably all day and into the night and I might go see The Hangover tonight.

- SideBar - I have heard from several people that this is the funniest movie that they have ever seen Funnier than Old School, Anchorman, The Wedding Crashers and even Dumb and Dumber. I think I am going to go see it tomorrow. I cant wait!
Anyway, as usual I am off topic...


Brian: Ok. What what are your new plans for tonight?
Me: Having a beer at Chips with you?
Brian: No.
Me: Having Icehouse at the Beach with Girls?
Brian: Better than that still... How about having a beer with me at Yankee Stadium
Me: (some kind of gargled "Hell Yes" "Anytime" "Ill get on a Train" "Absolutely" long winded and only at points actual English Answer)

So its decided. I am meeting Me (Brian) at Yankees Stadium for the the first game of The Subway Series!!! I'm waiting in the station for the train to arrive and I see some friends of mine and I go over and say Hi and end up riding into the game with them. I came in from New Haven and Brian took the Hudson Line from our Old Stomping Grounds - Poughkeepsie. Well we finally meet up at the new platform the MTA made for Yankees Stadium.

Well we went in and checked out the Yankee Museum (2nd time for me) and it is just simply amazing, so much crazy history in that one room. I took some more pictures and we hung out and took it all in...

We made our way to our seats in the bleachers and watched the game unfold. We saw 6 Lead Changes and 5 Home Runs - 4 of them from Yankees (Cano, Matsui, Jeet and Tex) and 1 Very Peculiar PopUp Where The Mets Dropped The Ball! Literally!

Well the place went Nuts!!! One of the loudest that I have been there for! We were pumped. I was particularly excited because my streak of consecutive games attended with a win increased to 4... Also, each won of these games was won with some miracle heroics, improbable possession of a game ball or historical significance. It has been a sweet run... Here it is again...

#73 - See 25 Yankees Games: (3/25) now (4/25) - 16% Complete - Yankees Record: 4-0

Game 1 - 04/21/2009 07:05 PM - Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees
Section 130, Row 9 - Seat 7 or 8 - WIN (5-3),
Collins and I got a ball!

Game 2 - 05/15/2009 07:05 PM - Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees
Section 212, Row 13 - Seat 23 - WIN (5-4),
Gardner - In-The-Park HomeRun
Melky - Walk-Off Double

Game 3 - 06/07/2009 01:30 PM - Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees
Section 431a, Row 3 - Seat 8 - WIN (4-3),
Nick Swishers` 100th Home Run - Joe Gerardis` 200th Win
New York's Major League-Leading 20th Comeback Victory This Season.

Game 4 - 06/12/07 07:05 PM - New York Mets at New York Yankees
Section 238, Row 11 - Seat 13 - Win (9-8)
Alex Rodriguez - "Walk Off" PopUp to Shallow Left - Jeet and Tex Scored!

Hope there are many more to come!!!

We left and I got on the wrong train at the new platform and then had to wait 45mins for a train at Stamford to get home to New Haven, but it was well worth it! Thank you Brian for the invite! GTHBA! As Always!!! So HUGE!!!

I am also going to cross 1 off for #100 - Make at least 5 Trips a Year to Visit Friends. This trip to the Bronx, plus seeing Corey and Kenny in Poughkeepsie, Johhny, Liz, Donny and Co. in Boston, and Collins, Ann and the Aussies at the game last week makes 4 trips this year!!!

I have some more to share but I am beat right now! First night at my new digs. Going to try to get some good sleep in! Another Update tomorrow probably...



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Karen said...

Fwend...I love ya...but I can't condone all these Yankees posts. We should go to a Yankees/Sox game together haha!