Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 21 Update

A very good friend of mine, Jaime just put up his 101 in 1001.
You can see it here: JHarrington
The first thing that you are going to see is a absolutely hideous picture of the green monster in Fenway Park. Please try not to vomit and don't immediately hate him because he is a Red Sox fan. He is not overly smart and he did go to school in Boston! Well then again I guess he is smart as he IS going to law school. Anyway, I digress... Check out his list!

As for me 2 down and 3 to go, #101 you are 40% done!

Nice job Jaime! By the way I am down for 12,19,36,37,40,67(Eagles),85,88 and 94. And I can def help you with 53. Let me know and tell me how I can get to see Obama`s inauguration. I really want to go!


James said...

hahahaha...well done, Erik. Go Sox!

little erin said...

wait, wait, wait. what is this... heckling a red sox fan? booooo...