Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 16 Update

So I tried to run Google Analytics on my blog so I can see how many hits it was getting but I couldnt figure out the html code. And everytime I put it in the background color would change and I like the black... Anyway... I digress.

My buddy Bea told me he would show me how to put a progress bar on my site this week and I figured out how to use the picture feature too.. (it`s pretty easy) So #18 and #19 should be done by the end of the week. So thats good and it will keep me right on schedule. As always I am still working on #1... Thanksgiving got in the way of that one, but I am going to start my food journal on Monday (#9) and that should keep me from "cheating." Also, I forgot to update #71... Vote in every election... I voted for the first time on November 4th and I`m not going to get inot poitics but lets just say that I think the right man won!

I keep running into people in and around town that are telling me that they are working on lists or that I have inspired them to make a list... Let me know if you do and I will post a link to your site on mine... I need 5 of you to do it, but do not do it for me... do it for yourself.. and only do it if you are going to go all out!

Update over!


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little erin said...

oh, i plan on going all out. i'm actually erally excited about this! can you show me how to create a progress bar?