Thursday, November 13, 2008

Erik`s 101 in 1001

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (i.e., no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e., represent some amount of work on your part).

...And away we go

For the Body
1.) Lose 40 Lbs. by Day 180
2.) Keep it off the Entire 1001
3.) Be able to do 10 Pull-Ups (Leave me alone)
4.) Be able to do 30 Push-Ups (again)
5.) Be able to do 40 Sit-Ups (again)
6.) Get an Eye Exam done and get new glasses
7.) Go to the Dentist at least 3 times
8.) Whiten Teeth
9.) Keep a Daily Food Journal for a Year
10.) Complete P90X 2x

For Jen
# 11 through #16
- I will let you know when they are completed -

17.) Learn Conversational Mandarin Chinese
18.) Learn How to Use This Blog
19.) Learn to put Pictures on this Blog
20.) Take a CPR Class
21.) Take a First Aid Class
22.) Learn 3 Songs on the Piano
23.) Take 3 Cooking Courses
24.) Learn 50 New Recipes

25.) Bungee Jumping
26.) The Penguin Plunge
27.) Take a Vodka Taste Test
28.) Drive a Race Car
29.) Start a Fire without a Match
30.) Hit a 90 in 18 Holes of Golf
31.) Sleep Under the Stars
33.) Go to The Olympics
34.) Go on all the RollerCoasters at Cedar Point
35.) Go on 10 of the Best 25 Roller Coasters in the World
36.) Go to 2 of 5 Best Parties in the World
37.) Go to 3 of the 5 Best Fireworks Displays in the US

For the Soul
38.) Donate Old Clothes
39.) Fulfill My Dads Dream
40.) Donate 1 Gallon of Blood
41.) Plant 25 Trees
42.) Donate 50 Malaria Nets

Travel Plans (Visit the Following)
43.) Block Island
44.) Nantucket
45.) Martha`s Vineyard
46.) Cape Cod
47) The OuterBanks
48.) San Francisco
49.) Napa Valley
50.) England
51.) Ireland
52.) Italy
53.) Canada (Yeah Big Deal I have Never Been to My HomeLand)
54.) China
55.) Japan

Making Money / Business Ideas
55.) Print Some T-Shirt Ideas
56.) Finish CW Logo
57.) Finish CW Site
58.) Have CW produce $10,00 in Revenue
59.) Patent Something
60.) Publish Something
61.) Create CookBook

Gadget and Widgets
62.) Apple Iphone
63.) Apple or Linux-Based Laptop
64.) A New Car
65.) Suzuki GSXR 750 (Guess That Could Go Under Experiences)
66.) A New Pair of Jeans
67.) A Mickey Mantle Mitchell and Ness Jersey
68.) A Mickey Mantle Rookie Card

To Do
69.) Send Johnny all his Stuff (maybe not ALL)
70.) Buy a Moleskine
71.) Vote in Every Election
72.) Read 50 Books
73.) See 25 Yankee Games
74.) Don`t Drink for a Month
75.) Pay off Credit Cards
76.) Save $5,000 for a House
77.) Do 250 Geocaches
78.) Hide 15 Geocaches
79.) Turn the Garage into a Gingerbread House for Christmas
80.) Get 100 people to View This Blog
81.) Brew My Own Beer
82.) Make R to Abercrombie
83.) Make R to the Nautilus
84.) Go 30 Days as a Vegetarian
85.) Do 8 Throwdowns
86.) Make a Quilt from my Old T-Shirts (is that too gay?)
87.) Fast for 24 Hours (easy with the fat-kid jokes) Completed Nov. 21, 2008
88.) Open a Beer Bottle with a Lighter
89.) Get all Old Documents and Pictures off My Marist Computer
90.) Send 35 Letters to Friends
91.) Take a Legit IQ test
92.) Go Mt. Biking 15 Times
93.) Find My Passport
94.) Go to Trivia Night at Hyde Park Brewery
95.) Do Something with Coaster Collection
96.) Get a Cactus and Keep it Alive
97.) Winterize and Keep Up with the Mustang
98.) Play More Poker
99.) Make a License Plate Map
100.) Make at least 5 Trips a Year to Visit Friends
101.) Encourage 5 people to Start a List Like this!


Timy said...

Good luck Buddy. If I can help you with any just let me know.

Maille said...

you are definately inspiring me to make a list like this! keep up the excellent hard work! you can do anything you put your mind to....let the fools laugh at you, and make comments - they got one mean force coming at them when you are all done! you are an inspiration to a lot of people - even though some might not say it! =0)